Производство компании TopInterior
If people are the soul of the company, the production is the heart. Well-coordinated and continued work guaranties the appearance of the furniture that will give joy to its owner for many years.

TopInterior ltd. is a factory that produces customized furniture and interiors.

Factory owners are directly involved in the company management and production operation that is the quality attribute of the goods. In 2012 two people believed in the idea and worked hard for the company works and pay dividends.

TopInterior ltd. is

  • engineering bureau on a full-time bases,
  • private production facility 2500 м²,
  • modern equipment stock,
  • professional painting booths,
  • carving and gold plating workshop,
  • more than 50 craftsmen work at the factory.

Highly professional engineering team works on a full-time bases to support full-cycle production and to find the ability to control the process of furniture production from the moment of drawings and plans including nuances of paint, tint coating and assembling.

TopInterior company is distinguished from other production companies by well-coordinated work and intercommunication process during the years of practice when all parts are puzzle of a large system.

Production facility is a belonging of the company and comprises: procurement workshop, veneer laying, mechanical conversion, assembling, grinding, painting, polishing, packing.
Modern machinery of German and Italian origin makes it possible to produce customized furniture as well as limited edition interior elements for hotels, business centers, restaurants.

5-7 years ago carved elements for the furniture were only handmade. Now it’s convenient to use CNC. CNC can not substitute a master hand to the full extent that’s why we’ve got talented carvers. Professional painters work in the art workshop. Have a look at the processes on our YouTube channel.

The specialists of the company are kept up-to-date of the latest technologies and latest tendencies at European factories which produce materials of the highest quality. TopInterior ltd. makes use of the veneer, fittings and finish materials of the worlds’ production leaders.

Workshop safety is paid particular attention that’s why professional painting booths are essential not only for high-quality painting of the goods but for employees’ health.