Kitchen in the private house

About the project:

Customer: Private person
Designer: The client himself
Year of execution: 2015
Place: Minsk

There was an aim to make a functional and cozy space that includes the kitchen and dining zone for a family of four. That is the place where the family spends much time haveing dinner, giving parties. The design was made by the owner himself.

Large job was made by Alexey Kluchko who was the engineer of the project.

Шкаф с лекальными дверцами и межкомнатная дверь.
Общий план современной кухни.
Дубовая столешница. Тонировка и масло.
Зеркало в классической резной раме с патиной.
Alexey Kluchko: <p data-src=
Alexey Kluchko:

The goal was to produce the kitchen, dining zone, part of the hall, interior doors for WC, living-room and the main hall.